Raise the illusion and start to see

Raise the Illusion and start to breathe

Raise the illusion and start to feel


Rise up fellow brothers and sisters

Rise up and awaken the deep residing truth that never left you

Hear the inner calling


Rise up and know the truth of who you are.

Rise up. 

Olivia Hickman

Living Rhythm Healing Practitioner Course


Dates: 16th January '18 - TBC

Total Duration: 100hrs/11 days

Monthly Weekends TBC

Registration Open


Living Rhythm Healing Practitioner Course 200hrs 



Do you love helping people and wish to use your natural empathy to bring joy to others? Would you like to understand healing in depth and learn more about ?


Are you looking to train in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, EFT, Card Readings and much more all in one course? To give you an incredible training to start your journey as a healing practitioner?


Do you want to have a transformational life changing experience set in a small personal environment of up to 11 Students?


Living Rhythm Healing Practitioner Course gives you the tools to be a fully confident and knowledgeable healing practitioner. Allowing you to work on a deeper basis with clients, to take them on a transformational journey with life long changes. 


Elemental Living works with yogic heart centered principles to guide clients to happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle. 


On the course you will learn 


  • How to make a client feel comfortable

  • Working with people

  • EFT

  • Mannomaya Yoga 

  • Intuitive healing

  • Working with angels

  • Basic Astrology 

  • Colour Therapy

  • Nada Yoga 

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Bhakti Yoga

  • Card readings & channeling

  • Crystal Therapy 

  • Sensory Workshop

  • Introduction to Natural Medicines 

  • Angelic Reiki Attunement


Methods of Learning 

  • Contact Hours (~1 Weekend/monthx13) Trainees participate in a class environment with one of the Faculty Teachers leading the class and supported with our Guardian. 

  • Lectures from Primary Faculty Trainer Olivia Hickman & Faculty Trainers; Charli Sparks, Jenna Cafolla, Crissy Soanes and additional lectures from Guest Teachers. 

  • Personal Practice - Create your own rituals for your personal self development and practice your new knowledge with your chosen ‘subject’ for case studies.

  • Home Study

  • Homework Diary for thoughts, reflection, queries etc

  • Partner & Group Practical Exercises

  • Group Constructive Feedback

  • Assignment Hours

  • Supervision Hours

  • 2x Practical Assessments 

  • 1x Theory Assessment

  • 1x Manual to be created by Teacher Trainees as well as receiving various Module Booklets for the Teacher Training Course to refer to as well as researching from various resources to complete assignments. 

  • Attendance of a 4 day residential with Charli Sparks  & the faculty to fully immerse yourself into the final stages of training in an intensive setting. 


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